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Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are






Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You AreCast


Chris“I like doing things my own way. I don’t like sitting around waiting for stuff to happen.”

Chris is wired for speed and action. He loves joking around and shooting baskets with his best friends, Jack and Mateo. A super high energy kid, Chris hates being told to “Calm down.” School isn’t easy for Chris because he’s got some learning issues he’s never told anyone about. Also, he’d always rather be out learning new skateboard tricks.



Michelle“I like being known as smart. I don’t like feeling pressured to be a girly-girl just to fit in.”

Michelle is quick-witted and outspoken. She asks really great questions to get her friends thinking about stuff they don’t normally consider. If she disagrees with someone she’ll let them know. Some people think Michelle acts like she’s better than everyone else. What they don’t know (because she won’t let on) is that she’s unsure of herself when it comes to anything non-academic.



Mateo“I like my family. I also love music. If I could change anything, I’d make myself way taller.”

Mateo’s got a big smile and a bigger heart. He’s also an awesome dancer. The oldest kid in his family, he often takes care of his younger brother and sister and makes sure Grandma and Grandpa have what they need. Maybe that’s why he’s an all-around dependable guy at home and with his friends. Some people at school tease Mateo because he’s shorter than most kids his age. That annoys him but he hasn’t figured out what to do about it yet.



Mateo“I like looking good and being noticed. I don’t like my parents’ rules.”

Jen loves everything about fashion and pop culture. This girl has her “look” and her act totally together at all times. She seems super confident, but under all that pizzazz Jen stresses about her popularity. The other thing people don’t know about Jen is that she thinks her parents are overprotective. She keeps trying to get them to give her more freedom, but so far that’s not happening.



Mateo“I like showing people how much I care about them. I don’t like my body.”

Abby is generous, kind and supportive. That makes her a great friend to girls and to guys. But Abby isn’t always a great friend to Abby. She puts herself down... a lot. And because she can’t stand confrontation, she’d much rather let a friend take advantage of her then speak up and risk someone getting mad at her. Abby believes if she lost some weight her life would be “perfect.” But would it really?



Mateo“I like sports. All sports. What don’t I like? Uh... Being pulled in two directions at once.”

Jack isn’t a big talker, but he is a solid friend who’s fun to be with. What you see with Jack is what you get. No hidden agenda. No secrets. For example, he finds his little sister really annoying and he has no problem letting her how much she bugs him. Jack avoids deep conversations but he can surprise his friend with his honesty and straightforward way of looking at the world.