Middle School Confidential 3: My Family






Middle School Confidential 3: My FamilyCast


Chris“Things were way better when it was just me and my mom. Now I have to live with a strict stepdad and a dorky little stepbrother.”

Chris is wired for action and fun. He and his mom have had a lot of it together for the past six years when it was just the two of them. But she recently married Steve, and now it feels like his mom takes Steve’s side in everything. Where’s the fun in that?



Michelle“My mom’s a single mom and I love her for everything she does for me. But sometimes I wish I had a bigger family so it wasn’t only me and her all the time.”

Michelle’s dad left the family when she was only two years old, and she never heard from him again. She doesn’t know any of her dad’s side of the family, either. When Michelle sees how close Abby and Mateo are with their fathers, she feels sad for what she’s missing.



Mateo“I’ve got a big family and they’re always in my business, calling and texting, asking me questions. Sometimes it makes me loco.”

Mateo is a short guy with a really big heart and an even bigger family. He loves all his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. He just wishes they wouldn’t worry about him so much because that can be really embarrassing, especially when he’s with his friends.



Jen“My parents are old-fashioned. I don’t like their rules or that my brother spies on me and tells them what I’m doing!”

Jen loves everything about social media because she’s a total social animal. She wants a boyfriend and loves to text and flirt. Her parents say she’s too young to date. But she’s not letting that stop her! All she needs is an opportunity to sneak out.



Abby“When my mom gives me a ‘helpful hint’ about how to lose weight, I feel like she doesn’t love me. That really hurts my feelings.”

Abby is kind to everyone and not the least bit jealous. But when her mom tells her sister “You look adorable!” and all she says to Abby is “That’s enough potatotes!” it’s hard not to feel rejected. Abby wishes there were someone in the family who understands what she’s going through.



Jack“My little sister is a big pain in the-you-know- what. She always gets me in trouble. Lately she’s acting like my dog is her dog, too. Yeah, right!”

Jack wants to be a pro athlete someday so, for him, shooting baskets is serious fun. When he messes up it’s really annoying to have his little sister make fun of him. Sometimes he wishes she’d get lost . . . permanently.