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Middle School Confidential 2: Real Friends vs. the Other Kind






Middle School Confidential 2: Real Friends vs. the Other KindCast


Chris“I like hanging out with my friends because they let me be my own weird self. Also, it’s cool that they laugh at my jokes (most of the time).”

Chris is wired for speed. Action. Fun. He loves shooting baskets and putting his friends in a good mood. Chris and his skateboard are inseparable . . . except when he falls. But hey, that’s a risk he’s willing to take on the road to greatness! Lately, Chris is thinking about taking another risk . . . in the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Zone. His friends have a lot of opinions about that.



Michelle“It has never been easy for me to make friends. My mom says I ‘overthink’ everything. I think, maybe, that’s partially true.”

Michelle is smart and outspoken. She asks great questions to get her friends thinking about stuff in new ways. If she disagrees with someone, she’ll let them know. Some people think Michelle acts like she’s better than everyone else. What they don’t know (because she won’t let on) is that she’s unsure of herself when it comes to anything nonacademic.



Mateo“Some people give me a hard time because I’m not the tallest kid in school, but I trust my friends because they always stick up for me.”

Mateo’s got a big smile and a bigger heart. He’s also an awesome dancer. The oldest kid in his family, he often helps out around the house and takes care of his younger brother and sister. Maybe that’s why he’s an all-around dependable guy with his friends. For example, if he’s worried about a friend getting hurt, he’ll do his best to protect them.



Jen“I totally love my friends, but sometimes I wish they were . . . maybe a little cooler. You know? Anyway, they’re awesome.”

Jen loves everything about fashion, pop culture, and social media. For her, it’s all about staying connected with friends. She got her first cell phone in sixth grade and never goes anywhere without it. She’s probably the fastest texter in school. Jen seems super confident, but under all that flash, she stresses about her popularity. Recently she’s been thinking she’d be more popular if she lost weight.



Abby“I would do anything for my friends because, if your friends are mad at you, that’s the worst feeling in the world.”

Abby is generous, kind, and supportive. That makes her a great friend to everyone who knows her. But Abby isn’t always a great friend to Abby. She puts herself down . . . a lot. And because she can’t stand confrontation, she’d much rather let a friend take advantage of her than speak up and risk someone getting mad at her. But sometimes she wonders if being so “nice” is really such a good thing.



Jack“My friends and I do sports together, and they don’t even mind when I always beat them. Can’t help it. I’m great at sports.”

Jack isn’t a big talker, but he is a solid friend who’s fun to be with. What you see with Jack is what you get. No secrets. Except when it has to do with personal feelings. Those kinds of conversations are hard for Jack, even with his closest friends. Which is why, when Jack feels he’s let down a friend, he often just makes excuses.



Monique“I am one of the prettiest, most popular girls in the whole school. Tons of guys like me. Sometimes other girls get jealous, but that’s their problem.”

Monique is used to being the center of attention. Everyone in her inner circle of girls feels lucky to be near her, so they are fine with Monique getting her own way. Sometimes Monique wants something and getting it isn’t so easy. That’s when she’s likely to do something that isn’t so nice. If people really knew Monique, they’d know her life isn’t as perfect as it looks.